Saturday, July 26, 2014

DC Metro Silver Line opens in Northern VA, a positive move toward public transportation

Today wasn’t exactly National Train Day, but it did cast a vote for public transportation and going green.  The Silver Line on the Washington DC Metro opened. 

I went to Ballston, and had no trouble getting a train to Wiehle-Reston.  If follows the Orange Line route to East Falls Church, where it really got crowded.  It then took the turn along the Toll Road VA 267 and stopped at McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro, Spring Hill, and finally Wiehle Ave. in Reston. 

That was some distance from the Reston town center, and no eateries were visible.  The remains of the red carpet welcome from press were around.  I heard there were places near Spring Hill, but the only place visible when I got off was a Starbucks.  I recall a job interview in that area around 1992, and New York Life, where I actually considered becoming an agent in 2005, is about a mile (or less) to the East on Route 7. 

It strikes me as the height of arrogance (on someone’s part) to build the Tyson’s Corner stop (which looks impressive with the skyscrapers, and urban apartments where I’m told rent starts at $2600 a month, without a specific Metro parking lot for commuters. 

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