Sunday, July 06, 2014

Fundamental moral questions loom behind immigration demonstrations in CA, TX, FL

Check the massive front page story in the Washington Post Sunday about Nora Sandigo, a legal guardian to hundreds of children born in the United States to parents here illegally.  The story ("A Band-Aid for 800 Children"),  by Eli Saslow, heavily supported with photographs, did not come up directly in the WP’s own search yet; the link is here

Lester Holt of NBC reports on the protests in Murietta CA, where children who have crossed the borders from Central America have been shipped.
And the demonstrators are indeed polarized.  On the one hand, the United States, as policy, cannot encourage people, especially minors, to enter the country illegally (and make a very dangerous journey to get here).  On the other hand, there is a humanitarian obligation on people.  Will this situation lead to a new moral debate: should all those financially capable of raising children be expected to do so? 

This crisis will play into the “gay parents” debate (not just gay marriage), and to the question of the support gays overseas need here to get asylum from hostile countries.
Still, Americans have not thought of themselves as personally responsible for people in other countries.  Churches try to make a dent by sending missions. 

Update: July 9:

Anderson Cooper interviewed the woman (and her husband) in the Miami area who is legal guardian to 817 immigrant children, and showed that she had a paper file on each child.  Many children are placed with legal relatives in the US. 

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