Friday, July 04, 2014

Kansas towns zoning rules hamper families setting up "free lending libraries" on their own properties; "It's free"

Here’s another story about zoning rules and overreach.  In the Kansas City area, a family and little boy fight with local governments for the ability to put up a free lending library shed on its property, to promote reading skills. Some of the issue seems to be whether a separate structure can be set up. 

The Kansas City Star story, by Caroline Baumann is here. The cities most recently involved are Leawood and Fairway in Johnson County, Kansas. 

The sponsoring organization is the “Little Free Library Movement”  in Wisconsin.  There is another news story about the group here.   Curiously, my Webroot Secure Anywhere reports the LFLM site as unsafe!

Reid Ewing made a video called “It’s Free” where he visits a California public library.  It’s not up right now (as the hosting site Igigistudios is down), but this little film would really be relevant now.   

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