Monday, July 07, 2014

Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh for Senate in NC may "spoil" race for "real" candidates; trend will continue

Libertarian candidates for office are starting to affect national politics more, as some candidates can take away sizable vote chunks, especially from socially conservative Republicans, from “conservative” voters who just want government to leave them alone.  That’s the case in North Carolina with pizza delivery man Sean Haugh, 53, who is in the Senate race.  There is a front page story  in the Washington Post this morning on him by Karen Tumulty and Reid Wilson.

I was actually a name for candidacy in the 2000 Senate race in Minnesota.  I declined because I feared complications from my mother’s situation at the time, and someone named Eric Parkheiser, much more gung ho on the gun issue, ran.  Oddly, when substitute teaching in Fairfax County VA in 2005, I shared one class with a sub also from Minnesota who knew the LPMN there.

We can have another discussion, about how important it is to run for office, instead of doing journalism and punditry.  

Update: July 22::  

More Libertarian pictures from Baltimore Gay Pride:

And this one on drug decriminalization:

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