Friday, July 25, 2014

Wall Street loudmouths already predicting a "Yellen" stock market collapse

Some in the finance committee are complaining about the new Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, complaining that her short-talking is going to a stock market crash like none other before,
Yahoo! has a story by Jeff Macke, “Shorts destroyed: the risks of betting on a bubble bursting”, here. if Yellen ran a hedge fund, she'd already be "fired". 

But MoneyNews reports on a rumor of a coming crash from Jeremy Grantham, with rumors that Warren Buffett is preparing for it, link  There us a video there pimping a “Peak Profit System” founded my Michael Carr, who was responsible for programming nuclear missile systems during the Cold War, which seems to be returning. AMTV talks about Yellen's looking like a man, and her wait for a "notable change", and compares this period to 1928. For someone retired who "stopped competing" in the "normal" workplace (of hucksterizing) this is serious business. 

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