Friday, August 01, 2014

AC360 interviews Gupta on bringing two doctors back to Atlanta for state-of-the-art supportive care for Ebola, should improve survival chances greatly

Anderson Cooper AC360 talked to Sanjay Gupta about bringing two American doctors from Samarian’s Purse to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, each one on a separate plane for a 5000 mile flight.
The patients could get supportive care, including continuous fluids and blood transfusions to replace those lost, while the body tries to heal the infection.  The CDC and NIH are looking into the possibility of giving a non-FDA approved serum based on antibodies from patients who have recovered.
The CDC does not yet have full medical information on the two patients.
I hope this is correct, that both Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol. The question is whether aggressive supportive treatment more available in the West will greatly improve survival rate.
Infection control measures do work.  The virus is easily destroyed by disinfectants.  But in another story Gupta questioned a doctor on safety of those near doctors at Emory in the US in this story by Jacque Wilson, here

Back in the 1990s, Laurie Garret discussed Ebola in her book “The Coming Plague” and described doctors who survived it in Africa, including one who became completely hairless.   Robert Preston’s “The Hot Zone” was quite graphic.
It’s interesting that Delta offers non-stop flights from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria.  
Pictures: At Atlanta airport;  second picture is a mural at the airport 

Update: Aug. 2

NBC News has a piece answering concerns of those who believe Ebola patients, even humanitarian volunteers, should not be brought to the United States, link. 

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