Saturday, August 23, 2014

Field trip to Monroe Institute (remote viewing) and Yogaville; more intentional communities

Today, I did a rather ambitious, strategic field trip. 

I visited the grounds of the Monroe Institute, on Roberts Mountain, south of Charlottesville VA and west of US-29.  I had thought is on Faber Road to the East of US29 but that manor is actually 5 miles to the north.  The whole area is unincoporated and rather obscure.

I was supposed to do the one-day, six hour free program (offered every two months on a Saturday), but I arrived too late.  The doors in the retreat center were locked and the area was very quiet, even though there were many cars.  It is understandable that you have to get there on time, because of the nature of the exercises any interruption would disturb other participants from concentration.

It is also difficult to get there on time with the first visit.  It was farther way than I thought, traffic through Charlottesville was heavy with the rain. Actually, there are two campuses.  The main campus has the headquarters and some dorm buildings, but there were signs telling the participants to drive up to the top of Roberts Mountain to the Retreat Center, which is a full separate campus.  I miss understood them, and drove two other dirt roads, passing interesting stuff.  I saw a pottery artisan, then what looked like a small intentional community farm, before the road became impassable.  Along another road (Rainbow), there were some interesting homes just on solar power, off the grid, as the road became impassable;  at the end, there seemed to be a Buddhist Center, which at first I thought might be the retreat center, because there were cars and some kind of convocation there, too.

I did get to see the complete grounds of both campuses.   The Wikipedia article has some detailed description of the programs here as does the Washington Post in in Feb. 2012 article by Theresa Vargas, here.  The US military and CIA has reportedly sent students to the Institute.

The whole experience of astral projection and out-of-body experiences (that do not have to be “near death”) is supposed to be induced by meditation with certain kinds of aural stimulation (a trademarked process called Hemi-Sync).  When you project to a different location, you can see what happens at the location.  So this could be a form of spying, although I don’t think the NSA depends on it much.   
It may be possible to “remote view” other worlds, but it isn’t clear if the speed-of-light barrier applies. 

I think that dreams can provide OBE’s.  I find that jotting down quick summaries of dreams in a diary (which stays private, even from the NSA) helps with the recollection of future dreams.  An intense dream is more likely if one retires early and did not consumer alcohol or caffeine or drugs.  A dream might be intimate, and it raises the question as to whether the partner might have a reciprocal dream, as if telepathy was a kind of biological social media (like in the movie “Avatar”).  I think I have remote viewed another planet, maybe 25 light years away.  People from Earth (abducted?) seemed to be living there.  In one dream, we stayed in a stacked dormitory building, living in bays, in clean, Spartan, almost military quarters.  We could take a train and subway to the city but could not have cars.  In another dream, I saw the City, which seemed under a dome.  A high rise apartment always had two rooms in parallel, connecting at the window (yes, that’s how some apartments in the Country Club Towers in Arlington VA, where I have lived, are set up), near which there were several computer terminals with access to different systems, including Earth’s (how Facebook got past the speed of light, I don’t know.)  Access was allowed only at certain times.  There were no cell phones.   There were storage areas and entertainment rooms, and many passageways crisscrossing the city like the Minneapolis Skyway.  In still another dream, I saw a water area rather like Dubai’s Palms.  It seemed that only families could have detache houses.  The social structure was more like that of Singapore.  The climate outdoors was mild, with considerable mist and rain, and a lot of perpetual twilight (like in a tidally locked planet).  Plants were darker in hue than on Earth.

I’ll also mention that at 1:30 AM on 9-11-2001 when I was living in Minneapolis (2:30 AM EDT) in the Churchill Apartments,  I woke up having dreamed about a nuclear attack on Washington DC with a dark cloud over Mother’s house in Arlington.  I felt relieved that this had been only a dream.   I turned off the TV a minute before the first plane hit and started the 10-minute Skyway walk to work.

With the rest of the day, I went to the Blue Moon Antique and Book Mall in Lovingston, VA (the proprietor knew the Monroe Institute well) – more about that later.  Then I drove to Yogaville, Satchidanada Ashram, a Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center, including the Interfaith Shrine.

Inside the Shrine, you have to remove your shoes.  There are panels at two levels of all twelve major religious groups, with Christianity and Islam adjacent, but Judaism on the other side.   

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