Thursday, August 28, 2014

More feedback (to me) on whether a college education is "worth it"

Although I’m not necessarily trying to sell one company’s services, I did get an email from Webucator (Web Educator) with a reference to a blog entry by Dave Dunn, “To college or not to college: the Million Dollar Question”, link here. Indeed, what happens when you have several kids?

There is an article by Phyllis Wise, from the University of Illinois (which eventually awarded a math PhD to a female graduate school classmate of mine in the 1960s), on what a college education is for, in “The Chronicle of Higher Education”, here. I remember a similar lecture from the female professor in the WB TV series “Jack and Bobby” a few years ago.  It is the start of adult life.  That point comes across well in the opening scenes of the movie ‘The Social Network”.  My own experience, because of what happened in dorm life at William and Mary in the fall of 1961 to me would be compromised.

My parents, however, made it right and paid for the tuition at George Washington University while I lived “at home”.  I missed out on the socializing experience until graduate school (and even the the Army).  But the total tuition then for four years probably added up to about $6000.  I didn’t face adult life with the horrible debt problem of today’s college grads. 
It’s better, of course, if you have brilliant kids.   The press has covered the Andraka family near Baltimore, MD (both brothers are high achievers, in sciences, both medicine and engineering, see the Forbes article).   It’s wonderful if you have a kid with a musical gift, but you have to make a lot of room for it.  


The video  (TY University, from Iadarola) above gives info on “whether college is worth it” from the Federal Reserve. You’ll make “a little bit of extra money over the course of a lifetime”. 

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