Friday, August 29, 2014

Teacher behavior on their own social media accounts still attracts controversy, sometimes resulting in their firings

A California school district reprimanded a teacher for making tweets, in her personal account, that, while hyperbolic, might have been interpreted by some students or parents as threats.  But according to an ABC News story, many students in the Newark, CA school rallied to support Mrs. Hodges, link to the story here.  
Any quick check of Google shows that a number of teachers have been fired for inappropriate (often sexual) posts on their own Twitter or Facebook accounts in the past few years, all over the country.   One or two have been fired for having worked in the sex industry (as was a hospital nurse in Arizona as far back as 1999).  Rarely, incidents have involved unlicensed subs as well. 
All of this still percolates post to my own experience as a substitute teacher, which came to a head in October 2005, regarding a fictitious screenplay for a short film that I had posted on a flat site (not social media as we know it today), in which a teacher “like me” is “tempted” a precocious teen student.   The best source of details are on my Wordpress blog here.  See Nov. 14, 2010 here also.  

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