Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teachers in Maryland county protest "sacrifice", won't give out homework without more pay

Teachers in St. Mary’s County, MD, SE of Washington DC, will not even give out homework, as a result of a pay dispute.  Teachers are using the phrase “back to basics” as part of the protest, as this story on ABC affiliate WJLA  But imagine school without homework, especially high school.  How can students become competitive?  What about term papers, like the one I wrote in 11th Grade on James Fenimore Cooper (the role of women in his novels).  Most teachers didn’t count routine problem sets at home in the grade (since most of it was about tests), but in Trigonometry in 12th grade, our teacher (an old single woman and a rabid fan of the “new Senators” in 1961) graded our homework and it counted ¾ of the grade. 

Teachers also complained they were spending money out of pocket on supplies.  They were expected to sacrifice. They were tired of it.

By the way, St. Mary's City is one of the oldest colonial settlements, rivaling Jamestown.  It was the earliest settlement recognizing both Catholic and Protestant faiths.  

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