Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two sides emerge in Ferguson shooting and riots; outside agitators echoes the "pitchfork" theory of Hanauer

The saga over the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO continued Monday night, with violence escalating toward midnight Central Time.  With CNN’s Don Lemon and Jake Tapper present, another person was shot in his presence Monday night  He does not appear to have been seriously wounded.
Police claim that “outside elements” are responsible for the extra unrest, not thee ordinary demonstrators who are behaving within their constitutional rights.
Police have said that demonstrators have to “keep moving” and are arrested if they stay in one place.

A photographer got hit by tear gas.

CNN also reports that a caller has details about police officer Darren Wilson’s side of the story.   
Apparently, he felt he was “rushed” by Brown (6 feet 4), although so many other accounts say that Brown’s hands were up.

Does the presence of the media aggravate the protests, who want to be seen?  This sounds like relativity: the presence of an observer changes what is observed.  Call it the "staring" or "kibitzing" effect. 
The presence of outside agitation goes along with the predictions of “revolution by pitchforks” if more is not done about inequality, Nick Hanauer’s comments reported here Aug. 13. 
The president has been promoting a Whitehouse initiative "My Brother's Keeper" during the crisis. 
Wikipedia attribution link for St. Louis Gateway arch picture. My last visit was in November 1998.  

Update: Later Tuesday

Police shot and killed a man in St, Louis wielding a knife.  There are reports that the man dared police to shoot him, after a theft in a convenience store, 

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