Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Alarming new report on climate change from WMO; world's oceans not absorbing greenhouse gasses

Global greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide and methane, are increasing at a much faster rate than had been assumed, according to report from the UN’s World Meteorological Organization, with the Washington Post giving us a link to it here,  accompanying a front page story Tuesday by Joby Warrick. The ability of the ocean to absorb CO2 is a big issue.  
Yet, as I have seen in other work, the most immediate threat from nature to our “way of life” may not come from climate change, but from space weather (solar storms) which are not caused by man’s activity.  The main issue is that we have quickly built a technological dependence without safeguarding the infrastructure against sudden environmental changes (in this case, invasions of the Earth’s magnetic field) that we don’t completely understand.
Lifestyles may well affect climate change.   People who live alone, like me, cut it both ways.  When we live in urban centers in apartments and use public transportation, we use less energy.  But in another sense, goods and services have to be brought to us, and argument that the survivalist community likes to use.  And some of us can be wasteful when alone, like renting cars with unlimited mileage for westem state vacations.  

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