Monday, September 08, 2014

It's all about values after all

A few threads about social values came together yesterday in Sunday papers.
One was a column in “The Upshot” in the New York Times, maintaining that fathers earn more than childless men, but mothers earn less than single women, link  in a “Gender Divide” column.  I thought this was rather offensive when I was a younger adult.  “They prefer married” for male employees (all the way back to the sitcom “My Little Margie”).  So someone like me gets punished for not performing sexual intercourse with women and making babies.  But in a crude way, all of this makes sense -- to Darwinism. 
Then there is Nicholas Kristof, “When Whites just don’t get it, Part 2”, link.  I remember getting some personal emails to this effect, especially about 15 years ago after moving to Minneapolis having published my first book.  True, we don’t all start at the same place in line.  It’s not easy to set the start points on curved tracks.   Then, when people don’t do as well, we personally like them less, which indeed sets up a moral vicious circle, which has such a bearing on how any of us would perform if suddenly stressed by hostility or bad luck.  I talked about this point yesterday on my main blog in conjunction with volunteering, and the attitudes toward the bureaucracy that often runs it.  

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