Monday, September 22, 2014

Net metering and customer generation by solar cells could help make grid more stable in the long run

Michael Grunwald reports in Time, September 29, 2014 issue, p. “Business 4”, that utility companies are resisting “net metering” of customers who are capable of generating their own solar power and selling it back to the grid, link here. The title is “The case for staying connected; we don’t need to ditch the grid; we need to fix the power business”.  That’s putting it lightly, given the dire possibilities covered here recently.


However, consumers who can generate their own power, whether by solar or even by natural gas, arguably could help safeguard the entire system (at least their communities) against catastrophies, especially those possibly related to solar storms.  Decentralization of power generation could be a good national security strategy.  And so can having more unused capacity. 

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