Sunday, October 05, 2014

Protests based on Ferguson police behavior disrupt St. Louis Symphony concert, "Which side are you on?"

A group of protestors (called a "flash mob" by CNN here)  disrupted a concert of the Saint Louis Symphony Saturday night with a chant, “Which side are you on?”  The protestors left peacefully later. The protestors obviously referred to the recent uproar in Ferguson. MO over police behavior, particularly the shooting of Michael Brown when apparently he was unarmed and trying to cooperate.  There is a story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch here
The incident, however, underscores the polarizing nature of activism.  A lot of times, I find myself resisting “taking sides” when there seems to be no critical thinking. And then others get mad at me over my apparent indifference to their needs, what they see as insularity.  How I remember the People’s Party of New Jersey, and the threats made at a covert meeting one night in Newark, NJ in late 1972.    
There’s a lot of video on YouTube; I selected one of them;  one of the more radical videos (which I did not select) says “we need to short back.”
Back in 1992, presidential candidate Ross Perot sometimes would say, "We're on different sides." 
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of St. Louis.   My most recent visits were in Nov. 1998 and Jan. 2000.    

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