Friday, October 10, 2014

Woman in Texas needs to have negligent homicide conviction caused by Saturn ignition switch defect overturned

The case of Candice Anderson, who accepted a plea deal of “criminal negligent homicide” after a car crash in 2004 in Canton Texas where her fiancé, Mikale Erickson was killed when she lost control, deserves a re-hearing indeed.  Her Saturn Ion had the ignition switch defect that very likely led to the crash, as in this news story widely discussed in the media, especially CNN.

General Motors CEO said that the company would cooperate with the investigation but would not necessarily take the blame for the accident.

Anderson, who was also severely injured, faces trying to have her felony conviction expunged.  She did not have alcohol or drugs at the accident, and only a trace of medication, according to news stories.  

Mr. Erickson’s mother was informed by the National Highway Safety Administration that her son’s death was one thirteen blamed on GM’s faulty ignition switch.
Then why is it so hard to get this conviction overturned?  Could this happen to anyone?
A former prosecutor has asked the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to dismiss the case. 

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