Thursday, November 06, 2014

Big Meadows at Shenandoah has major display on past segregation; police shooting in Utah is serious, gets less attention than MO

At Big Meadows, in Shenandoah National Park. Virginia, about 10 miles south of Stony Man, there is an arcade showing history of the park, including the Civilian Conservation Corps, but also many other issues.

These include the displacement of residents when the park was founded.

Moreover, there are several displays of the controversy over segregation in the Park in the 1930s. 

There was even a separate store. 

There is also a sign showing gasoline rationing during WWII. 

The tension in Ferguson MO is shown by this article on “19 Rules” issued by “citizens” as in this CNN story

There is another serious case, Darrien Hunt, shot by police in Utah apparently during a costume role play, Guardian story here. This hasn’t gotten much media coverage outside the entertainment world.  It sounds outrageous.

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