Friday, November 28, 2014

Ferguson activists close down a section of BART in Oakland CA

Fourteen “Ferguson activists” were arrested after chaining themselves to BART train cars in Oakland, CA, preventing any trains from pass through the station for over an hour.  A CBS station in the Bay Area has a detailed story here

The energy of the protests recalls the indignation I often saw in the 1970s with groups like “The People’s Party of New Jersey”.  But lettuce boycotts (or even “Brown Fridays”) are less disruptive than transportation disruption.  Earlier some protesters had briefly caused Highway 101 in LA, and threatened to do so on some bridges in NYC.  Imagine the “Traffic Jam”  -- near the 101 and 405, or maybe even on the “Cyber Highway”.  
In 1971, a coworker (of mine) had the experience of a Vietnam war protester jumping on his car as he drove to work (at the Navy Dept) on Route 50 in Arlington.  There was a minor accident and an arrest, but no injuries or significant damage.  

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