Tuesday, November 04, 2014

GOP takes Senate, keeps House; I voted but "didn't help"; can GOP govern now? No more debt ceiling fights?

When the cat’s away, the mice and ants play.  Seriously, as I was out this evening, the GOP, as expected, has seized the US Senate.  The incumbent Democrat in Virginia John Warner has barely held on.  I actually voted libertarian for both Senate and House races today.

The details on CNN are here and will continue to be updated all night. The “failure” of the Obama administration to lead properly in the three biggest foreign policy and now public health crises (ISIS, Russia’s invasion on the Ukraine, and Ebola) certainly led to the switch.  But the GOP, just last year, was pulling government shutdowns and threatening to default through the debt ceiling (although the actual “threat” may not have been as dire as usually presented in a legal accounting sense) particularly after throwing a tantrum over Obamacare. The GOP has yet to show it can “govern.” What it needs is some "parlor timocracy".  

How will this affect LGBT equality?  That will require more postings, but there are signs that most of the GOP is moving toward more libertarian positions and away from obsession with “social capital”, as Santorum used to put it.  Well, libertarian author Charles Murray talks about that idea, too.  It's worthy of note, though, that Obama's unsteadiness on Russia may have made things worse for gays in Russia (and African countries) -- did anyone notice that human rights and freedom at home really can be undermined when they are lost abroad?  

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