Monday, November 17, 2014

Group in Ferguson might do "citizen's arrest"; media coverage very slow on Darrien Hunt shooting in Utah

I overheard a story on CNN Monday morning to the effect that a group was planning citizens’ arrests in Ferguson, MO if there is violence after the grand jury returns its finding, particularly if it does not indict the police officer.   Over the weekend, as we know, there was more information about a possible seventh bullet wound in Michael Brown’s body.
There’s an instructive article on citizen’s arrest in FindLaw, here  The legal parameters are surprisingly simple.  I don’t think I’ve covered this before.
An older article on Aug. 21 on NPR had looked at who was getting arrested, link and indicated that many low income residents were having difficult with ordinary shopping and function in the neighborhood because of the violence.

This is a good place to reiterate that major media has not covered the death of Darrien Hunt in Sarasota Springs, UT very well.  A typical recent story on the Daily Kos now is here.  The Twitter account is “@OpDarrienHunt”.   I noticed this issue on actor-musician  Reid Ewing’s twitter feed, but it seems to be largely overlooked nationally.  Darrien's legal name seems to be Darrien Nathaniel Hunt and he has a Facebook memorial site here
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Utah Lake, where Sarasota Springs is located.  My last time in the area was in May 1981. 

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