Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Michael Cannon and his "existential threat" to "Obamacare"

Michael Cannon, from the Cato Institute (which I visited in October) has a lot of supposed progressives who have supported “Obamacare” listening.  He says that the president is acting illegally in offering subsidies to lower income people in states that refuse to run their own exchanges.  Sarak Kliff has a big story with an interview of Cliff on Vox here

Cannon has a bizarre article in Forbes (linked from the Cato site) to the effect that a new Republican majority in the Senate (starting in 2015) can “nuke the filibuster” for Obamacare, link here. It’s pretty convoluted. 
As far as the intransigence of states on pre-existing conditions, and on why they won’t “take the money” on Medicaid expansion, they all say, they don’t want to put their own children into further federal debt. They think that “family and friends” and “gofundme” operations should care for people with pre-existing conditions.  And someone like me is not very approachable for “other people’s mistakes”. Good education, bad karma.  

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