Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Protests in Washington DC over Ferguson grand jury no-bill are vocal but orderly; many protesters appear to be white and affuent

I did go to the demonstrations at Mount Vernon Square in Washington DC this evening.  The demonstrations turned north and marched up 5th Street, and then East. I don’t know if the destination was the White House or the Capitol. 

Demonstrations were very peaceful and orderly.  More demonstrators appeared to be white than black or Latino, and many were young couples.  Many appeared to be of college age. 

The chants were telling, however.  Sometimes it was “no justice, no peace”.  Often it was “hands up, don’t shoot!”.  That phrase appeared on signs.

In the video above, at second 20, I couldn’t resist humming the “Russian national anthem”, as performed just before the 1981 film “Reds” and also at Sochi. 

I asked one young couple (white) if they had heard of the interview of Darren Wilson by George Stephanopoulos on ABC World News Tonight at 6:30 PM tonight.  (I’ll cover it on my TV blog.) 

 They hadn’t.  One young woman had another poster of other victims of police shootings, but I didn’t see Darrien Hunt on the list. She didn’t know he was. 

I felt one body blow and wondered if anyone was trying to take the camera.  But nothing happened. I think some people resent the idea that some video bloggers like to kibitz, gawk and gain attention but not "live the life" and trade places.  It's the "Rich Young Ruler" problem.  
Is this really about race for its own sake?  I've never really believed that.  Actually, we are all "black"; we all come from African ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago.  People lost pigment as they moved away from the Equator and needed to make Vitamin D.  I'll pass on Vox Media's take "The terrifying racial stereotypes laced through Darren Wilson's testimony", link here, although I personally question this assessment. 
CNN calls this a "defining moment for young activists." This was all organized on social media.  

One of the posters read “Riots are the language of the unheard.”   

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