Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another police shooting near St. Louis, but this one is "different"; bust of airport gun smuggling raises more questions about TSA policy

There has been another incident involving police, this time in Berkeley, MO, in St. Louis County.  A police officer shot and killed a suspect who actually pointed a gun at him.  CNN has the video story here
The suspect apparently was wanted for shoplifting. 
The policeman did not have his bodycam working yet, according to some reports. I'm not sure the race of the police officer was actually reported. 

But the (black) police chief says that, unlike Ferguson, most of this police department is black, and this time the suspect was armed;  and the suspect clearly provoked the police officer (which many people think happened in Ferguson).   
ABC News has security camera video of police approaching the car with the suspect right before the shooting, here. Apparently the video shows the suspect brandishing a weapon right at the very end, but it is hard to see. 

Here’s the NBC video on the bust of the Atlanta-New York gun smuggling by plane operation, link.    The story seems ironic in that the bust happens just days after rumors that the TSA had considered banning all carryon luggage and even carryon electronics (which you aren’t supposed to check now), at least during the Christmas holidays.  The violation happened because an inside employee in Atlanta did not have to go through security.  Will that change?  

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