Saturday, December 27, 2014

Chess-related twitter account keeps calling for downfall of capitalism

A twitter account called Chess Quotes has been tweeting a huge number of messages against “imperialism” and encouraging worldwide socialism, and complaining that the rentier class is a bunch of moochers on workers.  It’s interesting, though, how naïve the tone of the tweets is, that “the people” collectively can solve all the problems without individual initiative, bonding, and sometimes sacrifice. 
I hate to see chess politicized (as it was during the Cold War, where the Soviets were more active with the Queen Pawn openings, while Bobby Fischer stuck to 1 e-4 for decades, but not forever.  Think of how Russia tried to politicize the Sochi Olympics. 

I’m reminded of that cold drafty rowhouse in Newark, NJ, where the People’s Party had a meeting in 1972, and complained about why we have to have capitalism.

Cathie Jo Martin and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez have a nice prospective on how progressive taxes don’t necessarily reduce inequality as much as carefully conceived programs based on a broad tax base that actually raise more revenue, as in Vox in October 2014, here

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