Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cleveland police case: officer not vetted well; in North Carolina, another "American Lynching" might fit the unfinished Gode Davis film

On the issue of police treatment of minorities, a subsidiary story is that police officers need to be well vetted when they are hired.  The shooting of a kid (Tamar Rice) in a WalMart just with a b-b gun in Cleveland by white officer Timothy Loehmann apparently illustrates the problem. The Washington Post has a perspective here.

Cleveland catches my eye;  I spent my summers (at least July) as a boy near Oberlin, west of Cleveland, so became very familiar with the area as a second “hometown”.

And the family of Lennon Lacy in North Carolina is saying that his death was a lynching (connected to interracial dating), not a “suicide”, Huffington story here.  This case could go into the unfinished film “American Lynching” which the late Gode Davis left for others to complete editing  some day.  The family is saying that the white police department doesn’t want to do an autopsy (on CNN, Don Lemon, Thursday Dec. 18).  It's reported that Lennon's grave was desecrated. 

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