Monday, December 08, 2014

CNN interviews NCCIC on the safety of the power grid from cyberattack

CNN’s Deborah Feverick interviews a spokeswoman for NCCIC, the National Cybersecurity and Command Integration Center, or US-Cert (in Pittsburgh, associated with Carnie Melon), about hether the power grid is “safe” from cyber attacks.

85% of the US critical infrastructure is in the hands of private companies.  The spokesperson said that the only way to be perfectly safe would be to take the entire infrastructure command system offline (sever it topologically from the Internet). 

Of course, other threats could be large coronal mass ejections from sunspot activity, or even deliberate electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which could be localized and not necessarily require nuclear weapons.

During the interview, the panel for NASA glowed orange, suggesting a possible security problem at that moment. 

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