Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Demonstrators in NYC demand end to Giuilian's "broken windows" police policy which has indeed made city much safer

Protesters have resumed demonstrations in New York City tonight, despite pleas from the mayor that they wait until two slain police officers (from Saturday) are laid to rest.  Demonstrators apparently are blocking traffic on upper Lexington Ave, and want to see an end to the “Broken Windows” policy of the NYPD, which had started under mayor Rudy Giuliani, which tends to lead police to stop and frisk a larger portion of blacks and perhaps Latinos than whites and Asians. CNN’s story link is here
The policy has tended to make many parts of New York City safer than it was when I lived there in the mid and late 1970s.  It seems safer than much of Washington.  But the safest sections are the midtown and lower Manhattan areas popular with tourists and corporations, and higher income people.  Many neighborhoods in Brooklyn (like “BedStuy”) are being “gentrified” however by new real estate, driving lower income residents out as rent controls expire.  Likewise, in Washington DC, areas around Shaw, U-Street, and the Navy Yard-Nationals Park have become “gentrified”, and northeast is next for major condo and office development.  Tensions increase as the poorer people are driven out.  I still think personally this is more about income and wealth than race itself.  But I see many white college students wearing hoodies now, almost out of “solidarity”.
One of Ismaaiyl Brimsley's posts "You ain't been through what I been through" (borrowed from rap lyrics easily found on Google) sounds pretty significant (Heavy News link). .  

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