Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Half of all kids may have some form of autism by 2025; states claim "sovereign immunity" after possible police misconduct

Ashton Kutcher has tweeted a story from “Aplus” (is this his own site), link here  that by 2025, half of all children (and well over 50% of boys) will be autistic, in a story by K.S. Anthony.  Implicated is the exposure to a herbicide, glyphosphate, also called Roundup. 

However, many of the cases might be the mildest form, “Aspergers”, which in artistically or intellectually gifted individuals may not be much of a disability at all in 2ast Century society, but which could tend to make people less cohesive. 

In another important story, the family of a toddler badly injured in a police “no knock” search is in serious debt since the state of Georgia is claiming “sovereign immunity” and not responsible for bystander injuries in drug busts resulting from suspicion of a related person.  The ABC News story by Alison Lynn and Matt Gutman is here. The family may well litigate.  But it seems wrong when people are asked to support “gofundme” operations resulting from the negligence of others when not properly compensated in the first place.   

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