Friday, December 26, 2014

Muslims and Jews run a small food bank (working together) on Christmas Day in Washington DC

The Washington Post has a story today by Michelle Boorstein, Metro section, about a group of Muslims and Jews who meet to serve food to the homeless on Christmas Day in Washington DC, link here  “Interfaith charity takes unexpected turn”.   This doesn’t happen in the Middle East.
Today, there was a huge turnout in the Fellowship Hall of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA to make holiday sandwiches and food baskets for needy families at one particular elementary school in Arlington.  Peanut butter and jelly may not be the most nutritious, but many clients have religious restrictions.  Everything got done in 90 minutes. 
I did get a mailer from the Arlington Food Bank recently.  I did notice in the literature an effort to counter diabetes in low income communities.  I did go to an unloading event in September, and the amount of spaghetti sauce, cereal boxes, and Wesson cooking oil was unbelievable. 

Informal volunteering, outside of established bureaucracy (Food and Friends is wonderful but big and "bureaucratic") gives a chance to network and soft-sell content, like books and music. By the way, the "F+F" apple pie for Thanksgiving ($25) was delicious.  

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