Sunday, December 28, 2014

Protesters will challenge Washington Redskins team name near stadium today

Protesters will gather at the Jericho City of Praise near Fed-Ex Field Sunday regarding the name of he Washington Redskins football team, according to a Washington Post Metro story (Sunday Dec. 28) by John Woodrow Cox. (Newest story not yet online, Dec. 16 story here ).    While I grew up with the name and don’t have a particular feeling about it (despite having driven through native American lands while living in Minnesota), I think the team is distracted by it, and will do better after a change.  

One of my physicians, with ties to another surgeon who treats the Redskins, suggests “Washington Warriors”.  Name them after our troops. 
I think the team’s strategy has been to invest too much in just one quarterback.  Does a Clark Kent really exist?  And remember Malcolm Gladwell's moral objection to football, period. 

First picture: Oops, wrong team.  Or maybe the right one.  

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