Friday, January 23, 2015

Child care costs undermine two-income families; when is a non-parent relative responsible for children?

In the Metro Section, Friday January 23, 2015 of the Washington Post, columnist Petula Dvorak gives us a column “The absurd reality of child-care costs”, in this column. The online story has a more descriptive title (as if for “My Weekly Reader”), that is, “Handing over your whole paycheck for child care?  That’s so wrong.”

It’s pretty obvious where this discussion can go.  It takes two paychecks to support a family.  Men (with my temperament) don’t feel attracted to someone who would become “dependent”.  Complementarity is kaput.  Supporting child care publicly means the childless support "the child-ed". And so on.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a couple went away to Nigeria and left a 25-year-old uncle to care for their two nine-year olds.  The uncle only left food occasionally.  He was arrested for child neglect, as in this story.  But what happened to really create the real obligation for who were not his own children? Story on AOL here

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