Friday, January 16, 2015

"Planetary boundaries" are being breached, raising moral questions as well as political

Four of nine “planetary boundaries” have been breached, meaning that Earth could gradually become less hospitable to human life or “life as we know it” for future generations.  One effect could much more effect first on lower income populations, particularly in coastal or desert areas, leading to greater political instability. Two of the boundaries are considered “core”, that is climate change, and biodiversity (with mass extinctions). 
One site with an article about it is “Climate and Capitalism” with the tagline, “Ecosocialism or barbarism: there is no third way”, link here
Columbia University also has a detailed, illustrated paper here
The debate on “planetary boundaries” may go in a political direction, as a criticism of capitalism;  but it also begs a moral question:  to individuals today have a moral obligations to generations not even yet conceived (with is a different spin than just protecting the unborn).  

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