Monday, April 27, 2015

After Freddie Gray's funeral, protests break out Monday afternoon; AU reporter on scene

First, I wanted to mention that my gumshoeing online after hearing about the violence in Baltimore Monday after the funeral for Freddie Gray led me to discover that independent journalist Trey Yingst, whom I met at a WJLA “Your Voice Your Future” airing in February, was arrested in Ferguson MO in November, for not dispersing when ordered, as he planned to film.  The story is in the Los Angeles Times, link here. There may be litigation in progress, as it appears that the arrest was constitutionally suspect, to say the least.  Yingst also works with American University’s paper and site “News2share”. 
And that site has a breaking story about the rioting in Baltimore right now, here. 
I had contemplated visited Baltimore to observe Saturday – but in Washington there was FilmfestDC and an important event on marriage equality at the festival.  Today I had another event (tonight, to cover soon).  It sounds like it’s a good thing that I did. 
I applaud Trey’s work covering this. 
Picture: Harbor, Feb. 2014  

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