Friday, April 10, 2015

Is Rand Paul a libertarian? Or "libertarianish?"

James Hohmann has a Politco article “Rand Paul’s kinder, gentler libertarianism”, link here.  Is that just an echo of George H. W. Bush and his “kindler, gentler America” back in 1989?
The Washington Post talks about Rand Paul’s “libertarianish revolution” calling his ideological heritage his biggest asset and challenge simultaneously, by Joel Achenbach, here. Another friend of mine would use the term "libertarianesque". 
Pragmatism and compassion might suggest, for example, that if you don’t like Obamacare, maybe you set up a “reinsurance” company (analogous to the FDIC) so that the private health insurance industry can cover people with preexisting conditions, analogous to private school vouchers.  
Pragmatism says you do need some financial regulation, to contain unstainable financial games like substandard mortgages (supporting otherwise overpriced homes) and instruments like some of the credit default swaps.  Soros is right about that. 
While I chose to embed a video favorable to Paul, note that YouTube has another video “Rand Paul is not a libertarian”. 
Do Republicans and libertarians belong together in practice? 
It does seem that a significant portion of the GOP will come around to marriage equality. Donald Trump wouldn’t before, but I do wonder about now. 

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