Tuesday, April 07, 2015

"Success Academies" are demand that teachers hound underperforming students constantly; another prodigiy

A front page story in the New York Times on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 about charter schools in NYC (like Success Academy Harlem 4), by Kate Taylor, certainly points out the energy demanded of teachers in these schools, link here. The title is “At Charters, High Scores and Polarizing Tactics”.

The demands on constant performance by every student do sound extreme.  I recall, when working as a substitute teacher, I was sometimes criticized for not being assertive enough or intervening enough.  But they weren’t “my kids” and I was paid like $13 an hour. 

Also, while noting the accomplishments of now high school student Jack Andraka, we should note New York City senior Harold Ekeh, born in Nigeria, was accepted to all eight ivy league schools to which he applied, story here.  He chose Yale. He (like Jack, I presume, headed for Stanford) will be pre-med and aspires to surgery (rather than research, perhaps).

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