Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sentiment that paid family leave should become mandatory goes stronger

Claire Cain Miller has a column Wednesday in the “Upshot” column of the New York Times, “New momentum on paid leave, in business and politics”, link here  page B1. 
While paid vacation and paid sick leave is common in “better” jobs, expecting paid family leave is more controversial in the United States, but not in Europe.  Increasingly, tech companies or those will highly skilled workers find it in their best interest to provide it.  Professional sports provides it.  The article does a good job of covering the possible unintended consequences – fewer women might be hired in high positions.  The article doesn’t mention the issue of “sacrifice” by the childless, or unpaid overtime by other salaried people.
There is also a movement to encourage new fathers to share the leave taking (Major League Baseball can set a good example).  One problem is that some commentators, such as those on the Today Show recently, think that the policy needs to be mandatory to work at all. 

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