Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Climate Progress editor warns of "extreme weather events" that will be "beyond comprehension" in a few decades

Joe Romm, founding editor of “Climate Progress”, has an alarming video in which he warns that the planet faces hundreds of years of misery and that extreme weather events will be “beyond comprehension” in a few decades, unless vigorous action is started now.

The basic link is on the Weather Channel here.   Romm has an article saying “It’s not too late to stop climate change, and it will be super cheap”, a 2 degrees  C, compared to what it might have been.  His plan, basically “decarbonize industry”.
Romm says the analogy of whether climate change causes severe storms corresponds to the use of steroids in baseball, and as to whether they cause more homeruns or more strikeouts. 

The possibility of extreme disruption of lives due to weather events can make it hard to accomplish things and force people to become more interdependent.  No one is above winding up in a shelter.  It does seem that the wildfires in the West are more frequent than they should be, although it’s less clear now for tornadoes and hurricanes (even Sandy).  Ironically, the extreme Cold Wave over the East in late February of 2015 could be related to warming.

Persistent danger to residences also weakens people financially, it goes without saying.  It will destroy saved wealth and estates.
There’s a moral question here.  I just bought a replacement new Ford Focus, after the other one was totaled. (I won’t go into the details on social media.)  My point was, I wanted to “stay where I was”.  Should I have gotten a Prius now?  Well, an accident isn’t the time to do that (a lot of times, there are rebates and arrangements that encourage staying where you are.)  A higher end car is a theft target, a serious consideration in my world.  Yet, at 72, I’m thinking about myself.  Not about future, unborn and even unconceived generations. 

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