Friday, July 31, 2015

New York State's fast-food minimum wage law may be more meddlesome by being so limited

A column on p. A3 of Thursday’s New York Times, “Fast-food minimum wage has unintended effects”, in “The Upshot: Wage Debate”, by Josh Barro, titled “A $15 minimum wage, but why just fast-food workers?” lays out the pros and cons of New York State’s recent law well, even from the best of progressive intentions, here

Not the least is the possibility that some businesses will manipulate their “models” so as not to have co comply with the law, at the expense of customer service.

There is also a dangerous precedent in the idea of treating businesses differently based on their size and structure, when they produce the same product or service.  Imagine if that were applied to self-publishing!
I did go to a “fight for 15” demo a few months ago.  I also get the idea that the fast food business reallyt tests “whether you can work.”

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