Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Black Lives Matter" protests Washington DC mayor's announcement of strategy to meet spike in murders, gun violence in Washingtom

Activists from “Black Lives Matter” disrupted a meeting in Washington DC held by Mayor Muriel Bowser and police chief Kathy Lanier on plans to meet the spike in homicides, especially by firearm, in the District of Columbia in 2015.  The Washington Post story by Aaron C. Davis us here
The plans were announced in part by the gratuitous nature of the brazen shootings, which have killed at least two bystanders. 
Lanier and Bowser maintain that many of the crimes come from repeat offenders, some on parole or probation and not properly monitored, and that many, even most, of them were committed with illegally possessed firearms.  Lanier maintains that synthetic drugs are associated with some of them.
However, activists are more concerned about reversing or remedying retroactively past targeting of African Americans by police, even if this means communities today must live with increased levels of violence, which activists see as a natural, even revolutionary consequence of inequality.

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