Monday, August 03, 2015

Obama's Clean Power Plan needs to align with security, reliability

Brad Plummer of Vox has a big article explaining president Obama’s Clean Power Plan, link here
One basic reaction is that the president seems to be putting much more pressure on utilities than individuals (including homeowners and drivers and transit).  But Vox seems to believe that utilities will start looking at renewable sources more seriously now, even given some slight extensions in deadlines.
Utilities in many parts of the country, especially in older cities, have been under pressure to increase capacity and reduce outages.  That’s particularly true in the DC area (more so with Pepco than with Dominion Power). 
But the other big question for the president is how well the utilities can protect the grid – from possible big solar storms, as well as possible terror attacks (including EMP).  Insurance sources say the utilities have started to look at this more seriously since about 2010 and have made considerable progress in security.

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