Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Military service academies still require cadets to run the concussion gauntlet by taking boxing

Dave Philipps has a disturbing story in the New York Times about the fact that boxing is required at all of the US military service academies.  But the class typically results in about 20% of all concussions.

Students who drop the classes because of concussion must retake the classes.

Now authorities are questioning whether such a philosophy if “initiation” really helps military readiness.  No brain injury is a good one.

And the story reminds one of Malcolm Gladwell’s column (July 21, 2013) some time back about the whole moral basis of football as an entertainment sport, since concussions are a serious problem in high school and college football.
Joseph Steffan’s book “Honor Bound” (Books, Oct. 10, 2007) never mentioned boxing as being required at the Naval Academy, as I recall.

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