Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope in Washington DC: emphasize people, not just ideas, but go easy on demanding specifics from volunteerism

There are many accounts of the Pope’s visit to Washington, as this one in the New York Times by Peter Bake and Michael D. Shear, here
But the Pope seems to have kept the personal aspect of moralizing to a minimum.   The Church should welcome refugees, whether from Central America or the Middle East or Africa.  But he did not come as far as suggesting that everyone with a “spare bedroom” should get in line to offer it.  He seemed respectful of concerns over security.
He also sees climate change as a fundamental moral challenge, to protect future generations, even those of a century from now. 
WJLA’s coverage is here. Thursday, before Congress, the Pope said "Most of us were at once foreigners."  CNN published his address to Congress here.  He did emphasize a political connection between undocumented migrants to the US and refugees in the Middle East.
The Pope continues to emphasize morality in terms of actions with real people, not just ideas.

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