Friday, October 30, 2015

A day trip to look at the fracking issue

Yesterday, another day trip, this time in the high country.  At over 2500 feet, there was no fall color left.

The point of the excursion was to see some fracking wells.  Despite all the publicity, they can be hard to spot from main roads.

I drove around southern Pennsylvania, along US 40 to Uniontown, and back toward Somerset.

Often, what appeared to be a fracking tower appeared near a cell tower, but would be smaller and thinner, with only a small building at the bottom.  A few of them were near gas or chemical company plants.   One of them seemed to be very near a prison just east of Somerset.  Most of them would not appear to have a lot of impact on the surrounding landscape or countryside (as opposed to coal mining).  Some are near ridge tops with wind turbine farms nearby.

Nevertheless, in some areas of the country, fracking seems related to more small earthquakes and water table problems, with damage to homes.  This can be a serious problem particularly for a homeowner with a small income stream.

Here’s a map of where many of the wells are.

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