Thursday, October 08, 2015

Should all new guns have biometric locks?

What should we expect of the personal weapons industry?

The calls to make gun manufacturers have more secondary liability for what owners do (indeed, a dangerous idea if copied onto debates about spontaneous Internet speech) comes up today in a Washington Post op-ed by E. J. Dionne, link here.   But one of his ideas should get real traction – press for smart guns, which can be used only by a registered owner, using biometric locks.  (It’s pretty easy to imagine this in the cybersecurity world, too.) I’m surprised it hasn’t been discussed more by now.  Stolen guns would have little use. 
I recall that the rifle used by Lee Harvey Oswald was mail-ordered and cost around $13 in 1963.
Alex Moe and Matthew Grimson have a story about sweeping legislation tightening background check requirements, reported on NBC News here.

Another important Post story today, by Aaron C. Davis, indicates that police intervention on urban streets is now less aggressive than it used to be because of fear of the “YouTube effect”, link here

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