Saturday, October 17, 2015

Unusual odds and ends from volunteering (and a note about teachers moonlighting)

With some volunteerism, I ran into some interesting conversations today.

Before stopping at a Community Assistance session, I bought some stuff at a Starbucks.  The clerk happened to mention she was working as a long-term sub, ESL, in a northern Virginia school system. She also said that it is hard for social studies teachers to get jobs again, although math and science is promising.  I’ve talked about “career switchers” here a lot.

Then, at the Community Assistance event, I was tasked to “serve food”.  But there were plenty of servers, and all I did was watch the supply of cups for lemonade.  But they really were shorthanded on the labor-intensive preparation of the meatloaf meal.

I got to talk shop – about the collapse of the Washington Nationals this season around the time of the trading deadline.  The other fan believes that the Lerner family told the team “win with what you’ve got” and the team could stumble the next two years.  The family could even sell the team, and a move to a place like Charlotte or Las Vegas could happen, despite the construction of Nationals Park and all of Lerner’s redevelopment of SW Washington.

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