Saturday, November 21, 2015

Local governments encourage singles, same-sex couples to step up and adopt children and offer foster care.

Thursday afternoon, when I was in the Arlington County VA public library (where “It’s Free”), I noticed some pamphlets or leaflets encouraging ordinary citizens to adopt children and/or become foster parents.  The publications seemed to welcome singles and same-sex couples.

I can recall seeing similar adds at bus stops in Minneapolis back in 2003. At the same time, a very few states are resisting same-sex couples as parents as do some faith-based adoption agencies.

The tone of the pleas is that it is almost a moral responsibility to consider doing it if one is able.  But one could make similar arguments about personally welcoming political refugees.

Indeed, that could become a general expectation, particularly if one has “unearned” or inherited wealth.  The idea that everyone should grow up prepared to raise children is distinct from the idea of being responsible for the children you bring into the world with your own body, but the idea is common in most cultures, especially in poorer parts of the world.  But if the idea is accepted, it has a bearing on how we view marriage and other “family values”.  Eldercare and an aging population play into the debate. Family responsibility happens even if you never have a sex act capable of procreation.
Is age 72 too old?  I know of a man who recently married in the 60s and is helping raise the wife’s grandchild, possibly to become a baseball player.

My own take right now is that I could consider this if my writing and journalism paid its own way, and earned enough to support a family.  Yes, at some point I am interested in working with “establishment” media outlets (although that discussion belongs on another blog).  When my mother was alive, I was sometimes approached by people who thought I should give up my own voice, and make a real living pimping other people’s messages (even if that meant door-to-door).  No, that is not on the table.

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