Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Silly partisanship

After the maid service leaves (and doesn’t that prove I’m part of the spoiled, parasitic bourgeoisie rather than one of “the Proles”) and has sorted my unopened junk mail, I notice a few partisan mailings.

But Republicans and Democrats are really pushy in the alarmist and hysterical designs of their junk mail, most of all for candidates.  I guess I touched on this Nov. 2, and on my main “BillBoushka” blog Oct. 26. Yes, partisanship gets in the way of solving problems for a “common good” even though both parties (including socially conservative Republicans like Santorum) like to talk about the moral commons.

Ben Carson’s mailer is really silly.  “May I please have your support today in my campaign to become President of the United State.  I need it, I really do.”

The GOP candidate list is so silly and extreme that I wonder if I could run and get the nomination.   Maybe Log Cabin Republicans was on to something.  Let’s drop the partisanship and solve problems, like maintaining infrastructure, preventing a possible meltdown of the power grid (previous post), and actually making sure that everyone has reasonable access to health insurance.  Oh, some of that sounds Democratic.

I have been asked before, why don’t I run for office, at least locally, so I could really do something rather than blog and report (and journal);  why don’t I host a campaign fund raiser in my home?
And I’m asked why I won’t scream in demonstrations for the oppressed, as if I were above the indignity of behaving that way, of surrounding my individuality to the group.

This post, with its lead picture, might have become an “illegal indirect campaign contribution” had the naysayers (cutting McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform) had their day back in late 2005.  Fortunately, the FEC just let it pass, despite the courts.

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