Thursday, December 03, 2015

NYTimes "Upshot" suggests that individuals have their own carbon emissions rations

The New York Times has a rather moralistic chart on page 3 of the Thursday, December 3, 2015 paper, in “The Upshot”: “What you can do about climate change”, link here.
The article says that one cross-country plane trip will consumer your entire year’s carbon emission’s ration, but it helps to fly coach.  It says it’s better to eat imported vegetables than local meat.  (I’d love to see more vegan restaurants.)  It discourages a family’s owning more than one car.  Pets are OK.
It’s instructive to think about where this can lead in the debates about personal autonomy.  Choosing your own public course in life may not be so OK if not shared with people who depend on you.  There’s an unconditional part of the family values argument. Rick Santorum made have some prescience in seeing this.

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