Saturday, December 12, 2015

Some rural sheriffs encourage lawful gun owners to be prepared to defend themselves and others.

Recently, some sheriffs around the nation have encouraged lawful gun owners to be prepared for active-shooter situations, to protect themselves, their families and others.   There have been statements from sheriffs especially in Florida and upstate New York.  For example, here’s a News Channel 8 story .

The idea that gun ownership is “expected” makes sense in rural areas, and would have developed in America’s history of pioneering and gradually settling rural areas while moving west, where hunting and defense from wild animals as well as people was necessary. (Unfortunately, what happened with native Americans now seems shameful.)  But these sheriffs seem to want to recruit posses now.

And the idea, to most people, sounds unworkable in urban areas.

The idea that a citizen has a duty to defend others is also troubling, but can be related to the past history of a military draft.  And in other countries, like Israel and Switzerland, the idea is very much alive. (Given the recent investigation in Switzerland, I wonder how it plays out with the idea that normally Swiss men are expected to have military training and own weapons.  See this New York Times/AP story from 2013. )

But it is true, stricter gun control would keep guns out of the hands of some mentally ill people, but not away from terrorists or determined organized criminals.

Petula Dvorak has a posting about organizing on Facebook by mothers against gun violence

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