Thursday, January 07, 2016

Obamacare doesn't seem to prevent huge medical debts for some of the insured

The New York Times and the Kaiser Family Foundation  have conducted a study that shows that, even under the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), many individuals are falling deeply into medical debt and declaring bankruptcy.   The moral of the story seems to be, don’t get sick.  Don’t have accidents.  Don’t take too many chances in life.  That isn’t too good in the long run.

I happen to remember another story, distant related: car insurance companies will start offering discounts to customers who allow their driving habits (ranging from speed to breaking pressure) to be monitored by GPS. Don’t take chances. Car rental companies already do this.

Let’s get back to medicine.  I remember, when working for a debt collector in 2003 in Minnesota, that the company had a subsidiary that did medical collections.  Had I remained there, I probably would have migrated to that subsidiary because my resume already showed a lot of health care experience.

The effects of medical bills may affect women adversely, because women have more autoimmune diseases, simply a biological result of being able to bear children.

All of this happens while the GOP gets its pyrrhic victory by an Obamacare repeal which Obama will immediately veto, ABC story.

Vox has a new map  showing state-by-state how the uninsured rates have behaved.

Also, Max Ehrenfreund and Carolyn Y. Johnson report on p. A11 of the Washington Post, “What researched found when they went looking for jobs that Obamacare killed

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